Елена Летучая пострадала от змеиных укусов The presenter had a nightmare in which she was attacked by a ferocious reptiles. It made Flying terrified and Wake up in the night. However, the woman found a way to calm down after a nightmare. According to Helen, she helped the energy of nature.

      Popular TV presenter Elena Volatile shared with his fans a bad dream she recently had. In it a woman was attacked horrible reptiles. They not only bite Elena, but tried to strangle her. This nightmare forced a star to Wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat.

      “I had a terrible dream two vile snakes with jaws like a bulldog stared at me and tried to strangle him. I woke up horrified from this dream. And not that I didn’t know who these two nasty zmeyuki, trying to bite me and in the dream and in reality, an unpleasant feeling did not leave me,” — wrote in his microblog Volatile.

      However, celebrity still found a way to recover after a nightmare. According to Helen, helped her refreshing and renewing energy of nature, namely rain which has passed in Moscow and the Moscow region on Saturday evening. Therefore, Bat was cool with precipitation, they even brought her in a good mood. She also advised her fans to believe that everything in life happens for the best, even if the street pours as from a bucket. In this case, for example, to grow a good lawn.

      “When in Moscow there was a rain, many complained, but I enjoyed! I decided to power through rain and earth. And, you know, everything in this life for the better, the main thing — to believe it. My lawn will be a success! And if you go back to sleep, the snake at the end of the dream died”, — shared the leading social networks.

      Your post Bat also provided a short video in which she walks across the lawn and pulls the weeds. The star dressed in pajamas and rubber boots. According to Elena, she’s not afraid of any work, even if it is with the earth.

      A video posted by Elena Letuchaya (@elenapegas) Jun 18 2016 11:17 PDT

      Subscribers celebrities have supported her and tried to analyze what she had snakes and what it means. “This is certainly one of restaurateurs and hoteliers, not authenticated, remembered you “good” word,” “Snake dream for money”, “the Snake is nedobrozhilateley, envious, well they’re dead,” “Snake dream child — a girl,before pregnancy I was also bitten by a snake”, “Lena never ceases to impress”, “Snake having to diseases”, — stated the guesses fans Fly.

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