Mark Tishman explained why not to get married

Марк Тишман объяснил, почему не женится Musician and broadcaster very demanding second half. Mark Tishman admits that for his 37 years he is overly romantic. The artist can’t come to the wedding with a rational point of view, but only at the behest of the heart.

      A graduate of the seventh season of the popular TV show “star Factory” mark Tishman still remains one of the eligible bachelors. However, despite the fact that the artist is now 37 years old, he still has not found the girl, which could link the life. Tishman suggests that because of high demands to the second half it was difficult for him to meet his love.

      “Now my heart is free. It is, of course, win the girl. But see, it’s not very submissive. What’s the problem?.. Don’t know, but I am optimistic. Besides, I can sing and write so many love songs that are already thinking: when is gonna happen to me such an incredible lovestory? But with age, more and more cockroaches in my head and some requirements. I have myself and they are huge, and the companion, probably, too. I think you need to understate strap expectations. For my age I am an idealist and too romantic”, – frankly said the actor.

      Mark admits that his friends are also looking for brides, but they have a slightly different approach to the selection of companions. Tishman admits that friends use too pragmatic method to search for wives is determined by the criteria of who is suitable for them or not.

      Not long ago, the graduate of “factory of stars” has bought an apartment in the center of Moscow. “I live as a person with a rich imagination, and beyond their means. For example, you could buy a huge apartment with an incredible repair somewhere in a decent area of our city. However, I bought a small apartment, but at Patriarch’s ponds. In one of the most expensive districts of Moscow. But there’s good. I love that I can go for a walk through the streets and alleys, which I liked. For me is very important this atmosphere, this spirit, this beauty,” said Tishman.

      Tishman used to monitor their health, and despite the bachelor life, strictly watching what is on his Desk. He does not adhere to any special diets.

      “Bread is one of my favorite products. Of course, try to control the amount of food. Sometimes you can convince yourself that it is better a bad mood not to eat, and earn. The meaning of work. I used to have the habit of eating at night. Then I realized that at the age of 37 metabolism works, not as in 25. So in the evening, maybe it is better not to open the fridge. Just switch your brain to something else,” admitted mark in an interview WomanHit.