У Марины Анисиной случился выкидыш

Marina Anisina, the famous Russian figure skater, lost a child. This was told by her ex-husband Nikita Dzhigurda with whom the athlete back together again. The health of the mother of two children, the artist was influenced by months of scandals and unrest associated with the program “Let them talk”, to which Nikita is going to sue.

“Marina… this is not say publicly… on the ninth month had a miscarriage. And I am serious about this because they bespredelnichat” said Dzhigurda. The actor has filed a police report and is preparing for trial. Nikita believes that it blatantly slandered, accused of fraud and abusing his godmother Ludmila Bratash, which left Nikita and Marina hundreds of millions of rubles of inheritance.
“I’m not sleeping, I prayed, I cried, because they bespredelnichat… Marina had a miscarriage, what I’m afraid to say. Marina today wrote in the Instagram post, hinting about it. Two days spent in the nest in shock, because I heard swearing, heard insults in my address threats. They are all the other break through the knee, but we caught the karmic boomerang,” said Dzhigurda.
Under the “boomerang” Nikita has a view of is the signature of the accountant and the print left on the contract that the TV channel violated. The former spouses have also an audio recording where you hear the voice like the voice of Natalia galkevich, the program Manager started swearing to requests Dzhigurda adhere to the contract.