Hackers leaking stolen from Pelageya personal photo

Хакеры слили в Сеть украденную у Пелагеи личную фотографию
Troubled singer shared his indignation.


Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Pelageya under attack: virtual crooks stole her image from a “closed” profile on Instagram. The actress found out about it, find your photo on the Internet, and was extremely outraged by this fact.

The fact that Pelagia is one of the few stars, the leading microblogging social networks exclusively for himself and a narrow circle of friends. The actress categorically puts stills from his personal life on public display. But the other day someone hacked her Instagram and stole out one of the photos. It is worth noting that in the picture there is nothing provocative, but Pelagia was seriously pissed off by hackers.

“Shame on you! Hack accounts and disseminate personal photos! How long can people? And then you wonder why I “closed”?” — written by Pelageya.

The reaction of the performer is probably related to concerns that the pace of Internet-fraudsters will get to snaps of her little daughter — four-month-old Taisia. Pelageya yet never showed the baby to the public and, apparently, no plans to do that in the near future.