Marina Anisina intends to evict Nikita Dzhigurda

Марина Анисина намерена выселить Никиту Джигурду The woman advised her husband to start packing. According to Anisina those, scandalous showman still lives in her apartment, located in the Krasnogorsk district of Moscow region. Immediately after the divorce Nikita will have to leave this room, said the athlete. She also called the actions of a former lover mad.

      Марина Анисина намерена выселить Никиту Джигурду

      Divorce 41-year-old Olympic champion Marina Anisina those and 55-year-old showman Nikita Dzhigurda is one of the most discussed topics of recent times. Until recently, the athlete preferred to remain silent about her divorce from her husband. However, recently Anisina told reporters new details of the controversial history. According to Marina, about any threats, which says of the chair, and speeches cannot be. We will remind that earlier the artist had claimed that his family intimidates the mob.

      In addition, Anisina clarified the situation with the location of the controversial showman. Earlier the lawyer of Marina Sergei Zhorin said that the chair was not at the place of stay. The artist himself claimed that the documents he’s all right, as it sheltered friends. The former lover of the flamboyant showman is reported that Nikita stayed in her apartment, located in the Krasnogorsk district of Moscow region.

      Nikita Dzhigurda can expel

      “Nikita Borisovich living in my apartment in Rublevskoe suburb and is there all the time, no friends he lives, I know for sure. I would in his place would begin to collect things, because after the divorce, he must vacate my apartment. I want to say a big thank you to your lawyer Sergei Gorino, because he took the whole brunt and protects me from the insane attacks Dzhigurda,” Anisina told reporters.

      Words Anisina confirm of record in the microblog Dzhigurda. “Here the methods of the lawyer Gorina: knowing that I was going to file a suit to court, he sent the cops and the guys in civilian clothes – 6 people. I’m blocked!”, – shared a showman.

      Recall that the divorce Nikita Dzhigurda and famous athletes became known in late October. In a statement, the women filed in the court of Krasnogorsk district, was about the irreconcilable contradiction with the artist. Marina’s lawyer Sergei Zhorin told “StarHit” that his client and the controversial showman’s different views on parenting. Because of this, the pair fought constantly. In addition, Zhorin said that the couple live apart for quite a long time: in France Anisina and Dzhigurda in Russia.

      Previously, the entertainer also claimed that he has a new girlfriend that was born in America. Dzhigurda said that she was interested in Kabbalah, and for ladies heart, he is ready to change the nationality and name. Later, the artist renounced his words. Now Nikita says he does not want to divorce his wife. She Anisina is confident that her husband should not be trusted. “Nikita was lying, or rather El-air lying, and Nikita never lied, although I have doubts”, – said the athlete