Марина Анисина ответила на громкие обвинения во лжи
The scandal is getting a multimillion-dollar inheritance again gained momentum.

Marina Anisina and Nikita Dzhigurda

Photo: @Instagram marinanisina Marina Anisina those

Recently it became known that a will, leaving Marina Anisina and Nikita Dzhigurda become heirs of multimillion-dollar state Ludmila Bratash, valid. Thus the skater and her husband moved all the real estate businesswoman, as well as its foreign currency accounts in several banks.

But, soon, the Network appeared the information that Anisina and Dzhigurda actually all deceived and about any inheritance out of the question. As evidence cited a court document dated June 23, according to which Marina and Nikita claim was dismissed against Svetlana Romanova on the recognition of its unworthy heirs. Following this decision, the couple was accused of lying.

But at the same time a counterclaim Romanova on the recognition of the will invalid her sister was also unsatisfied. According to Anisina those, it means that the document is recognized as genuine, so what about any cheating of the question.

“Slanderers Romanova asked to recognize the will of our godfathers — invalid and fake. The court rejected her suit against us. Thus,the last will and Testament recognized as valid, real and legitimate! To recognize our suit Romanov unworthy heir no longer need! Legacy holders recognized by the court of probate! And we…What’s wrong?” — was surprised about the charges, Anisina.

Soon France will be a new trial in this high-profile case. There will be considered separately the case of inheritance, a scandalous pair of Paris apartment Bratash. “July 6 will be held in Paris the second meeting of the court for (yet again) false claim Romanova against us. She deceived her French lawyer, and the court of the Fifth Republic by submitting false documents for consideration. Presented a certificate from the notary of Moscow that is the sole heir! Without informing neither his French lawyer, nor the Paris court that there are heirs under the will, with whom she is suing. At the first meeting was caught in a lie! And answer for a violation of the laws of France are much stricter than in Russia!” — said Marina.