Звезда «Игры престолов» и «Властелина колец» женился в пятый раз!
Sean Bina had to break his promise.

Sean Bean and Ashley Moore


As it became known, 58-year-old actor
Sean Bean again became a married man. And, it was already the fifth
the wedding of Sean. His lawful wife was Ashley Moore, who before the meeting with the actor
worked as a nanny. The marriage of actor reportedly
took place in Dorset, situated on the South-East of Britain. Guests at the wedding
didn’t invite too many — no more than 40 people. The bride, dressed in a traditional white gown, was radiant.
near extremely elegant-looking groom. At the same time, Bridal,
it seems, does not bother the impressive difference in age between the bride and
bride: Shawn is older than his lady for 26 years.

Sean met Ashley five years ago in new York,
meeting her at the home of friends. Three years they dated, trying not
to draw attention to his novel. But in December 2014, Bin still decided
to make the Moore offer.

Meanwhile, four former marriage Sean left
he is so unpleasant memories that just a few years before
Dating with Ashley, the actor said: he made a firm decision never
to get married! “I still believe in love. But
marriage is something that I obviously did not fit!” — he said then. However,
his acquaintance with Ashley has completely changed the look of Bina to this question. “I told
what remarry, but I didn’t expected to meet such an amazing woman like
Ashley. And now to spend the rest of my life!” he said.

Recall that before the Moore, spouses of the actor managed
to visit his love at school
– Debra James and Actresses
Melanie hill, Abigail Cruttenden and Georgina Sutcliffe. Moreover, the second wife
Bina gave birth to two daughters, Lorna and Molly. And another daughter —Evie — appeared in the
Bina in the third marriage.