In the Wake of an ongoing scandal friends were Oleg Yakovlev last journey

На волне разгоревшегося скандала друзья проводили Олега Яковлева в последний путь
In the capital held a farewell ceremony with the singer.

Oleg Yakovlev


Today in the capital at the troyekurovskoye cemetery friends and relatives said goodbye to Oleg Yakovlev, who died a few days ago. Conduct artist in the last path came relatives and stellar colleagues: Katya LEL, Igor Matvienko, Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov, Kirill Andreev, Anna S., Diana Gurtskaya and many others.

Igor Matvienko at the funeral shared the story about how he and Oleg have worked on a new song, but to finish it and did not. And his civil wife Alexander Kutsevol published a poem that 47-year-old Yakovlev wrote shortly before his death.

“Tell me, my friend, how long have I got? Tell me, my day, how many minutes! Tell me how much your tears have frozen? Tell the sunset, you’re friends with in the morning? Tell me my love, do you remember me? Beautiful sea — cold sand. Such nights, empty of hope. My flies to meet you! Peaceful clouds, peaceful Hello!” — quoted Alexander Yakovlev.

At the same time, the Network has been simmering scandal involving the release of “Let them talk”, dedicated to Yakovlev. Viewers outraged Andrey Malakhov and Studio guests on the day of the death of Oleg allowed himself to remember the unpleasant details of his life. In the program discussed addiction singer, and Malakhov made a number of sharp statements in the address of the deceased soloist.

“When Oleg called and said, “Andrew, I have a presentation, come” you know where we sometimes go out with work, and perhaps if he was the artist who was in all the charts and I did not go to press, I would not want using I would go there, but since it seems to already not the main actor, then you work after going home to sleep!” said Andrew in the First channel.