Марина Александровна конфликтует с двухлетней дочерью The actress had to reconsider its attitude to the child. Marina Aleksandrova admitted that now allows children to be more independent. It’s nice to feel important and to Express their point of view.
Марина Александровна конфликтует с двухлетней дочерью

Actress Marina Aleksandrova has two children – five year old son Andrew and two year old daughter Catherine. The artist manages to combine career and care for family. She tries to take care of the children so that from early childhood to instil in them a sense of self-worth and independence. Despite the fact that children are still small, it develops their personality. Alexandrov understand the need for such action after she began to have conflict with the child.

“My youngest daughter, despite the fact that she is only two years, recently began a hard conflict. When slightly improve the tone, she refuses to do anything. Then I started to ask her daughter questions, interested in her opinion and she agreed. For example, if you clear the table, her glass without asking, starts a tantrum. I ask: “Can I have your glass?”. If she answers “no”, then I will leave it on the table. Nothing bad will happen, and the child will feel that his opinion is respected,” – said the actress.

Marina admitted that he understood this principle immediately, and was looking for it in the process of communication with children. It overpowers itself, to allow the kids to be independent, even if she wants to help to do something.

Marina Alexandrova showed the grown son and daughter

Many parents strive to teach their children as much as possible, and almost deprive them of free time. Alexandrov adheres to the principle to allow heirs to decide how to manage your time. Actress remembered as the unloading schedule of the son, and this provoked the protest of the boy. Then the artist realized that it is not necessary to deprive a child favorite activities.

“For example, I tried to reduce the number of classes in the Japanese language for my son, but he started to cry and said he wanted to do more. And how can I deprive him of this? The learning system that we have lined up, very intense, but I see that he is madly in love,” confessed Marina.

Alexandrov sure that after appearing in her children’s lives she has changed markedly for the better. She said that he became more tolerant of others. Moreover, the artist began to pay attention to different things.

“Of course, no matter how we try, we fail to communicate with children on the same level. It is not necessary. But with children we can remember how happy every little detail — bug, flew into the window, sunshine or rain. Today we are disappointed if we get a lot of snow, and children, on the contrary, rejoice,” said Marina in an interview Woman.ru.