Бородина, Пугачева встали на защиту Собчак после ее дебатов с Жириновским On the eve of the presidential candidate faced with the aggression of Vladimir Zhirinovsky. The video, where Sobchak pours a glass of water on the leader of the liberal democratic party, spread through the Network. Xenia defended many of his colleagues in show business.
Бородина, Пугачева встали на защиту Собчак после ее дебатов с Жириновским

Yesterday there was a debate on the channel “Russia 1” with the participation of the candidate in presidents of Ksenia Sobchak. The TV presenter entered the fray with the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky. He began to insult a woman live. Vladimir Solovyev was not able to calm policy. Sobchak could not resist and poured on Vladimir Zhirinovsky a glass of water. She later commented on the incident in the microblog.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky insulted Ksenia Sobchak in a live TV show

“Under the vivid impression of television with Vladimir Zhirinovsky Zhirinovsky. I even had lightly sprinkled with grandpa cold water to stop the seizure, and the poor man went straight to swearing. I guess it looked sad. But if a little to think things over a bit, it becomes even sadder. In the 90s, when Zhirinovsky climbed on the political scene, it seemed that it’s not such a terrible evil: the country all along, and even a clown and a lout, we’ll survive. A quarter of a century, and nothing new besides a clown and a lout, however, much older, with us not happened. And today he continues to play this sad role, only that the other candidates found it difficult to talk about the really important things,” – said Ksenia.

Colleagues of a presidential candidate in show business actively discussed the incident on television. In the comments under the post Sobchak appeared words of support. Maxim Galkin, sometimes try on on themselves an image of Zhirinovsky in the comic numbers were affected. “Yeah… Any spoof pales in comparison to how far the original”, – said the showman. His wife Alla Pugacheva is also not left without attention of the sharp statements of Zhirinovsky.

“Managed to open it. Well done. Hang In There, Ksenia!” – wrote the Diva.

Girlfriend Ksenia, who know her, condemn the trick policy. “The only thing that saved yesterday’s debate, this is an excerpt and the amazing wisdom of Xenia anatolevny. To save face in front of screaming slavering ghoul, disguised as a man, She could, pulling the emerging farce to the level of great drama,” said Nika Belotserkovskaya.

During a debate with Zhirinovsky Sobchak has noticed that he behaves worse than the participants “Houses-2”. Former colleagues in telestroke left the posts in support of the Xenia anatolevny.

“The debate during the elections between the presidential candidates should be. And even more to be emotional. How else to defend their point of view, to convince the opponent of the correctness of their position? But it seems to me, no matter how much you disagreed with the beliefs of another person, to insult him is not permissible. And especially to insult a woman,” wrote Borodin.

Anna Grachevskaya admitted that does not follow policy, but, nevertheless, she appreciated the video of the debate with Sobchak. “You can love or hate Xenia, but it is wrong to insult! It is low and disgusting! It’s not a man! The lack of manhood in Vladimir Zhirinovsky had previously observed, but now, obviously,” said Grachevskaya.