Марина Александрова рассказала о своей влюбленности
The actress admitted that she feels completely happy.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Marina Alexandrova said that I was really waiting for the end of winter.

“I’m so happy that this is one of my favorite time of year — shared the actress. — Spring… her breath is fresh, it is spontaneous
breaks, but with her arrival thoroughly repainted markings on
the roads, it leaves no room on the benches. Spring brings hope and
depression drowns in the melted puddles. And she always smells like love… I’m in love with this time.”

Now the actress actively acted in the movie “Satan” — the continuation of the acclaimed series about the Soviet police in the 60-70-ies. The picture is the fifth part of the detective Saga of the militia major Ivan
The Cherkasov (played Andrey Smolyakov) and his assistant Sonja (Marina Aleksandrova) who unravel complex crimes.

“In the new movie my heroine Sonia Timofeeva has changed in appearance. She had seen the French movie, got a haircut and
looked like Anouk Aimee” – said Marina Alexandrova one of the secrets of the picture. “Satan” is busy with many famous actors: Viktoriya Isakova, Vladimir
Ilyin, Aleksandr Domogarov, Sergei Koltakov, Igor Gordin and others.