Орландо Блум устроил своей любимой романтические каникулы в Праге
Lovers have decided to give a second chance to their relationship.

Orlando bloom and Katy Perry in Prague

The other day people on the streets of Prague witnessed
walks of a couple in love in the city. Although the girl hid the hair under
cap-beanie, as her eyes were hidden by big dark glasses, it managed
to identify the popular singer Katy Perry. And her companion was Orlando bloom, with
which, as all thought Cathy and I broke up last winter. The couple didn’t hesitate that its
take pictures, and not trying to hide tender feelings to each other. They wandered
around the city, exploring the local sights before dark, and then “settled”
in one of the cozy cafes.

Katie and Orlando were reunited, began to spread last
month. Then 33-year-old Katy Perry,
arrived at my brother’s wedding, made a symbolic gesture: she caught the bouquet
bride. Moreover, as evidenced by the record, she’s not just caught
that fell directly into her hands, and attached to this maximum effort. And
grasping, at last, the coveted object sped away. Then Perry
commented on their actions: “I know how to value friendship, but run away from love,
which I have…” what Orlando bloom said, her comment: “You can, of course,
try to run but you can’t hide from yourself!”

By the way,
neither the words of Katie herself, no reaction Orlando was not surprised her friends. They claimed
although the couple officially announced the breakup in March last year, Perry and
Bloom kept the feelings to each other. In addition, last fall they began
increasingly seen together at the ed Sheeran concert on the beach in California… And in
January of this year Katie and Orlando had vacation together in the Maldives. So
it looks like they really decided to give their relationship a second chance.