Мэрилин Керро и Александр Шепс торгуют куклами вуду The stars of “Battle of psychics” has opened the workshop magic. Joint business should bring Marilyn Kerro and Alexander Sheps the profit, and the customers of their new store – new opportunities for the exercise of magical rites.

      Мэрилин Керро и Александр Шепс торгуют куклами вуду

      The next season of “Battle of psychics” has been completed, participants of the popular show returned to everyday life. Marilyn Kerro and Alexander Sheps continue to advise applicants. However, only techniques of the activities of psychics is not limited. Beloved organized a joint business. They opened in Samara, a store selling magical attributes.

      In the “Workshop magic” Alexander Sheps & Marilyn Kerro atmosphere of mystery and magic. Lovers of unusual magic shop can be examined for hours.

      “Here You can buy unique and exclusive charms, bracelets, rings, amulets, charmed Alexander Sheps, Voodoo doll Marilyn Kerro, books, stones, and other magical attributes to conduct esoteric rituals and ceremonies, is written in the announcement of the opening of the workshop. – Looking forward to seeing You in our shop! We invite everyone to touch the World of Magic and Sorcery!”

      The cost of goods in the store, you can find out, only been there. However, it is known that earlier the Estonian red-haired witch and her partner sold the attributes of magic at affordable prices.

      For example, for 200 rubles you can indulge in unusual stones from Alexander Sheps. The charms of the magician treated strazhduyuschih from 4.5 thousand to 12.5 thousand rubles. Also in the range of the psychics were all sorts of boxes, chests and boxes, cost from 700 rubles and candlesticks with candles for the price of 120 rubles and a little higher.

      Most likely, the business of psychics will be developed. After Alexander published the news about the new store in the social network, review the questions from the followers of the magician, the planned opening of a “Workshop magic” in other cities. Besides, the clairvoyants have already started to receive orders for exotic products. “I just need the bones of monkeys and a couple of dried snakes. There?”, – asked one of the customers. “It’s all there. Amulets will also be talking individually. Either Alexander will speak amulets, when in Samara, or they will be sent to the conspiracy in Moscow”, – said the representative of the stars.

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