Алексия: «Я не хожу на свидания!» Daughter Tatiana Navka told the “StarHit” about his future plans, personal life and relations with parents. Sasha Zhulin, acting under the name Alexis, tries not to pay attention to the words haters, and focuses on those who like her work.

      Алексия: «Я не хожу на свидания!»

      Not so long ago Sasha Zhulin was quoted in the press as the daughter of Tatiana Navka and Alexander Zhulin. But last year, after the release of her debut song “Going to dance”, she appeared before the public as an artist under the name Alexis. Now 16-year-old aspiring singer conquers the charts, and soon will present to the audience the first video for a new song. Alexis said “StarHit”, as relates to their popularity, cope with the negativity in his address, going through puberty and what plans for the future.

      Alexis, you have recently started shooting a new video for the song “breathe Me”. What is the history of the video?
      Алексия: «Я не хожу на свидания!»Very pleasant, though the shooting lasted for quite a long time – from 12 o’clock in the afternoon and ended at seven in the morning. The storyline started from the history of songs about difficult confusing love. There are two characters, including Nikita Kiosse from the group MBand who are fighting for my heart. So this summer, viewers will see my new video. It only remains to finish the little details, and of course, to mount video. —
      You used to progress in the sport, and then began to make music? What happened?
      Алексия: «Я не хожу на свидания!»All my life I loved to sing, but always did it as an Amateur, was just in fun for yourself. And as a professional musician didn’t have time. Sport is full immersion. I have been playing tennis since the age of six, but 15 had to stop training due to injuries. So there was free time, which I needed to fill and something to dedicate yourself to. I could just go to school and there’s nothing more to do, I would be crazy! Used to, I have always loaded the day. Then appeared the idea to engage in singing, dancing, because I love it.
      Алексия: «Я не хожу на свидания!»
      A lot of time you have to spend on the vocals?
      Алексия: «Я не хожу на свидания!»When I came to class and sang to the teacher, he said I have a good vocal and for the first time I was able to demonstrate a good ability. It was then that the teacher said I should definitely continue to do. Throughout life you have to improve, so I regularly go to class. —
      What were the first emotions that you experienced when you heard your song on the radio?
      Алексия: «Я не хожу на свидания!»Initially we did not plan that I will write a song that goes to radio. I did not think that it will take in rotation. I was preparing a presentation as a gift for mom for the wedding – recorded the song, rehearsing room. It so happened that when she heard, offered to put on the radio. It was something unreal! For me, it was so exciting.—
      And if it were not such a success, would continue to make music? How to relate to criticism?
      Алексия: «Я не хожу на свидания!»I treat criticism calmly, understand that this can not be avoided. Before I was worried, but now decided to focus on those who like my work.
      Алексия: «Я не хожу на свидания!»
      As friends and classmates feel about your popularity? Maybe someone stopped to chat, when it became known, someone on the contrary, began to curry favor from those who had not wanted to be friends?
      Алексия: «Я не хожу на свидания!»At first I hid for a long time from all that now sing. The song was released in August, my classmates had not seen, not spoken. I came, as usual, in September, no one knew anything, and I never said anything. Then I posted to Ask.fm the link to the video of my speech and all. One girl in the class looked – and then found out the whole school. Everyone liked it, now waiting for new songs follow my work. Even joke that I studied, studied, and then the singer Alexia. —
      Not long ago you appeared together at the event with his nephew Dmitry Malikov, and you immediately attributed the novel. What feelings do you associate?
      Алексия: «Я не хожу на свидания!»We’re just good friends! Apparently, everyone saw that we talked to him at the party, and this is inflated. But really there’s nothing between us.
      Алексия: «Я не хожу на свидания!»
      If now you young man?
      Алексия: «Я не хожу на свидания!»I don’t go on dates, and all the free time I dedicate to music and study. Of course, I have including friends, boys, we go to the cinema, cafes. But about Dating until I think early, I think.—
      As parents relate to the fact that you started to storm show business? Ever discouraged? Or maybe still advised to play sports and study?
      Алексия: «Я не хожу на свидания!»My parents always supported me and support. They do not forbid, but rather helped and will help. They are very happy for me and what I do. Parents think that I should do what I love and be happy.—
      I do not regret that have left the sport? Was there an idea to go back and continue?
      Алексия: «Я не хожу на свидания!»Of course, I think exercise, because the 10 years of my life I dedicated to sports. I have a lot of because of tennis. But now I rarely play. The winter holiday was a tennis court, I played – it was fun. But I wouldn’t retire if I wanted to pursue.
      Алексия: «Я не хожу на свидания!»
      The music does not interfere with their studies? As it turns out all the time? Or study is not a priority?
      Алексия: «Я не хожу на свидания!»The music does not interfere with their studies, I find time to get everything together. Necessary to find the balance. Sometimes, of course, sometimes miss school, but it is not a global absenteeism. Now I passed in class 10, I have two years until graduation, and then to take in the music. —
      What profession is your dream? There are already plans, where are you applying?
      Алексия: «Я не хожу на свидания!»I plan to enroll at MGIMO, faculty of Economics. But it is possible that I’ll change my mind and choose some music school. While I believe that there are a lot of actors, singers who were not receiving special education, and just singing on their own. I think you could succeed. And I want to get a serious education. Nobody knows how things will develop. This knowledge I never hurts all. —
      How is your puberty? Usually Teens rebel against their parents and do not listen to their advice. What is your relationship with family?
      Алексия: «Я не хожу на свидания!»I didn’t have a bright puberty – I didn’t want to spend time at parties, hanging out late. Of course, sometimes I can give vent to emotions, but quickly cooled.
      Алексия: «Я не хожу на свидания!»
      Often spending time with her younger sister?
      Алексия: «Я не хожу на свидания!»Coming to school, lessons, her play, watching her. It’s my pleasure, she’s such a sweetheart. When mom was pregnant, I didn’t know how it is when you have a sister or brother. To 14 years lived alone in the family. But when she appeared, I was not jealous, she complements my life. She is so affectionate – a hug and a kiss, it’s so cool. Calls me “Aunt”, and when I come home, she shouted: “Aunt, Aunt!”. And I love that she reaches out to me.—
      A singer often take part in the filming of the movies. Would you like to become an actress?
      Алексия: «Я не хожу на свидания!»If you have any suggestions, of course, in a good movie I play will not give up. But I don’t think about it, so the plans to move in musical direction, record songs, do everything for the stage. So far I have only two songs, the album is not enough. But I hope that I will continue, and will be released full-length album.

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