Spouse Eddie Redmayne gave birth to first child

Супруга Эдди Редмэйна родила первенца Winner of the award “Oscar” became a father. The actor’s wife Hannah gave him a daughter. A girl named iris Mae. According to the representative of the star, the baby was born healthy, and young parents already accept congratulations.

      Супруга Эдди Редмэйна родила первенца

      Winner of the award “Oscar” for her role in the film “the Theory of everything” Eddie Redmayne for the first time became a father. According to the representative of the star actor’s wife Hannah gave him a daughter. The couple is very happy and accepts congratulations from friends and fans. A girl named iris Mae, as planned in advance.

      About pregnancy of the wife of the actor became known in January of this year. The advent of the firstborn of the wife carefully prepared. Eddie and Hannah has collected a library of books about raising children. “They are on the shelf and would look at us with reproach. After all, we already would have to learn a new “profession” – parents…,” said Redman.

      Spouse Eddie refused to know the baby’s gender in advance, as wanted it to be a surprise for both of them. The actor claims that in the family the wife is home, so he had only to obey Hanna and wait for the appearance of the baby born.

      By the way, during pregnancy, the wife of Oscar-winning actor didn’t miss social events. She accompanied her husband at the party watch brand Omega, and supported Eddie as he received the most important award in the world cinema. Journalists have repeatedly noted that even during pregnancy, Hannah looked very stylish and choose outfits that emphasized her beauty and her interesting position.

      Redmayne married his fiancee in December 2014. The actor has repeatedly said in interviews that he’s crazy about his wife. “I finally felt happy and quite satisfied with life. How fortunate for me that I have such a beautiful, wonderful and always ready to help me wife”, said Eddie.

      Winner of the “Oscar” debuted in cinema in 2005, she appeared in the film “Reading thoughts”. But the real success Redmayne brought to the role in the movie “7 days and nights with Marilyn” and “Les Miserables”, “Girl from Denmark”. The role of scientist Stephen Hawking in the film “the Theory of everything” brought the actor in addition to “Oscar” award “Golden globe” and “BAFTA”.

      “After receiving the script, I first treated him rather coldly, but the more I read, the clearer I realize that it’s not kinesiograph, but a real love story that happened in tragic circumstances. That’s why I played not physics, in science the little I know, and man, which the disease severely disrupts fate,” said Eddie about his role.

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