Mariah Carey shocked extravagant act

Мэрайя Кэри шокировала экстравагантным поступком
The singer checked into the hostel in Barcelona!

Мэрайя Кэри шокировала экстравагантным поступком

Mariah Carey


Visitors at Casa Garsia in
Barcelona couldn’t believe his eyes when he recognized one of the female guests the very Mariah Carey! To them
surprise, the singer, known for his whims, never fussed, and looked quite

48-year-old Mariah settled not in its customary all-Suite hotel and
the hostel is not in error. And not because millions suddenly
happened some kind of disaster.
Carey arrived in Spain on the case: she signed a contract for
shooting promotional film about the world
the network of hostels is Hostel World. This
the project was designed to demonstrate how over the last 10 years
improved living conditions in these superbyudzhetnym hotels. The authors of the project
chose Cary as, perhaps, the most capricious and demanding diva on the planet: her
the appearance of the hostel must convince the audience that ordinary people will be comfortable there.

Carey claims that
she really liked Casa Garsia. As stated by the singer, there was a very clean and
much more spacious than she thought. However, to expect that Mariah
dare to stay there in the future — one or with your young boyfriend, 34-year-old
Bryan Tanaka — hardly makes sense.

Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka