Daughter Natalia Vodianova became the pianist

Дочь Наталья Водяновой стала пианисткой
Neva Portman was 12 years old already have decided with your future profession.

Natalie with daughter Neva


Neva Portman was 12 years old already have decided with your future profession. Daughter Natalia Vodianova, is remarkably similar to beautiful mom, seriously interested in classical music and plays beautifully on the piano. Recently perfectly passed the difficult exam in the music school, performing excerpts from the works of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Joaquin Turina.

“The refereeing wasn’t too strict, says Vodianova. — But the daughter was preparing for the exam very seriously. Music is her passion! Home the river does not tear away from the piano. I even stated that it will only be a musician.”

Interestingly, the daughter Vodianova is growing like her not only externally. Mom Neva got and the commitment of discreet style in daily
clothing. For a walk with Natalia girl
can wear jeans with applique, classic jumper, funny cloak in
polka dots and hat embroidered with ribbons. If we are talking about summer, Neva often
chooses simple t-shirts with prints and mini-shorts, alternating with
free sundresses in “modest blue” flower. Her images never
not boring grey suit she can “freshen up” in a pink fur coat and
school uniform — bright shoes. Of course, before these fashion-moves
the girl told Natalia, Neva has long dresses
independently and very successfully. It only remains to make assumptions
will the girl in the footsteps of a stellar mom, but now we can say,
the Neva river with its deep blue eyes has it all odds.