Mariah Carey parting with the Packer blames Scientology

Мэрайя Кери в расставании с Пэкером винит сайентологию

A shock to Mariah Carey, there was news of her fiancé that their wedding will not take place.

Australian billionaire James packer on the eve of the event decided not to take the wife of American star of stage, arguing that excessive spending ex-lover, her very public lifestyle, and even betrayal. Infidelity packer says hesitantly and almost in a whisper.

Mariah, in turn, decided not to remain silent and to seek material benefit from the relationship with the Packer. Keri asked him 50 million dollars. But further more…

Now the singer said that the reason for their separation wasn’t her and a third person. And this is not a home-wrecker, with whom she allegedly cheated on James. Mariah sure to break off the engagement before the wedding packer was advised by none other than former coach Tom cruise is a known Scientologist Tommy Davis.
The singer admitted that ever since her boyfriend came under the influence of Tommy Davis Scientologist, he ceased to be himself.

By the way, according to the newspaper, the fiance of the singer himself turned to Davis with the request to help to reduce its exorbitant costs, and then he noticed that in the first place is to stop spend money on gifts for his bride.