Alexander Domogarov suspects in the theft of a mistress

Александр Домогаров подозревает в краже любовницу

Not so long ago the famous Russian actor Alexander Domogarov became the victim of a burglar, his home in the suburbs was robbed by the unknown, as several neighboring houses. In fact, it is the neighbors who discovered that they were robbed, saw traces of a similar crime and Alexander. He quickly arrived and called the police – a feeling of the neighbors confirmed.

As it turned out, Domogarov again suffered losses. This time on 300 thousand roubles, the thief (or thieves) stole jewelry and expensive Swiss watches. It is noteworthy that at the time of the second robbery, the actor was at home, and probably slept. Theft Alexander suspects one of his former mistresses who had the keys to the house. He did not rule out that stealing her handiwork, especially since signs of forced entry were found.
The artist, the incident did not comment.