Мэрайе Кэри пришлось пережить публичное унижение
The singer is looking for someone to blame for their problems.

Mariah Carey

Photo: Zuma/TASS

Recently, Mariah Carey has endured,
as she admitted, a terrible humiliation. The singer came to one of the boutiques in
Beverly hills to buy a couple-three new bags, but could
to pay for them at the checkout… this was reported by the website radaronline.com.

Selecting for yourself a few products from your favorite company Louis Vuitton, Mariah, who last fall had terminated his engagement with millionaire James Packer handed the cashier my credit
map. But, to the utter astonishment of the stars,
she was told that the payment does not pass. She said that it was some mistake and
demanded to repeat the situation again. However, the result was the same – her
reported that, apparently,
credit for the map exceeded. And since cash Cary was not in possession, then, blushing
from the humiliation as cancer, she ran out of the store. However, after
some time she returned — and not one, and with Manager Stella
Bakers. She paid for the purchase of the singer, but this does not calmed
Mariah. As witnessed store employees, instead of gratitude, the star gave Stella the scene.

The fact that Cary, things which are obviously not the best
by the way, just needed to find the culprit of their failures. After all, Mariah and
though no luck — tickets for her latest concerts selling out extremely sluggish. And
scheduled a series of shows in South America and had to cancel – so little
tickets were sold out. Plus, music critics it seems
finally fallen out of love. They unanimously assert that “Mariah is not what

So the income Carrie fall, and
expenses, meanwhile, are growing. And most of the money is spent not only on her
purchase, and and expensive purchase for a young boyfriend Bryan Tanaka.
Although some time ago, Mariah had decided to break up with him, she’s not
survived and was reunited with Tanchoi…