Andrey Merzlikin movie will play his double

Андрей Мерзликин в кино сыграет своего двойника
The actor approved without trial on the role for a fantastic similarity with the prototype.

Андрей Мерзликин в кино сыграет своего двойника

Andrey Merzlikin

Photo: Vitaly Nevar / TASS

In the suburbs will start shooting military-historical
adventure film under the working title “to See Stalin.” Its slogan:
“The first is invincible.” The film will unfold in 1940, when he made
the mileage on the prototypes of the legendary T-34 tank designer Mikhail Koshkin to
Stalin in Moscow for the approval of prototypes and the launch of a series new
the combat vehicle.

The idea of the film and its bright names appeared in the writer
Andrei Nazarov and a half years ago. He wanted to tell about the amazing history
the birth of the T-34. Producer Dmitry Sherbakov supported this idea, and soon
started preparatory work on the future film: “the Script is based on
real events. Its based on history
unjustly forgotten pre-war feat of the designer Mikhail Ilyich
Koshkin, a feat that subsequently determined the course of history. Koshkin and his
the team has created an innovative machine that helped the country win
The great Patriotic War and save the world from fascist invaders. And then, in
1940, despite all the difficulties of the time, these brave people do not
afraid to venture tankodrome across the country to
Stalin, because they were confident in their work and believed in their
the need for the country”, — says Dmitry Sherbakov. .

The film acts as Kim Druzhinin, who received
wide popularity after the release of his film “28 Panfilov”. The role
Mikhail Kalashnikov will perform Andrey Merzlikin. His candidacy was approved
at the stage of working on the script, not only because of its outstanding artistic
abilities, but also an extraordinary resemblance to the real prototype.

Mikhail Koshkin and Andrew Merzlikin

Photo: courtesy of the press service

Important role in the film will play and the legendary tanks.
They become full characters in the movie. Unfortunately, at the moment
prototypes of T-34 tanks, similar to those who participated in the
the mileage, there are very few. And they are in private collections and not
can repeat in front of cameras journey through the swamps and forests in difficult
off-road conditions. That is why the decision was made to convert the
the basis of the film concern “Mosfilm” machines the later models and create for filming
identical to the current copies of those tanks, which are then, in 1940 wore
the name of A-34.

The shooting will take place in July-August near Voskresensk
at various locations, repeating the kinds of natural landscapes that in
time tanapaeva were the prototypes of the T-34. In September the film crew
will move to Moscow, there will be in red square scenes footage
demonstration of tanks to Stalin. “It is important that such people do not forget, says
directed by Kim Druzhinin. — So we make a movie of adventure and hope
in the first place on youth audience. For more entertainment we moved
the duration of the real history of the end of winter to summer and made a little
of fiction in those events. According to the scenario, the secret tanks
during the run someone always chases. There will be explosions, fights,
shootings, spies, and, of course, love!”