Мария Захарова отказывается от гонораров за песни Recently Katya LEL presented the song “in Full”, the text of which, as it turned out, wrote the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. The diplomat admits that the overabundance of feelings she explodes into creativity.
Мария Захарова отказывается от гонораров за песни

Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova decided to make a contribution and sphere of show business. She writes a song and offers to sing it to the stars of domestic stage. Recently, the diplomat wrote the poems that became the basis for the new song “in Full”, which takes Katya LEL. Also in the repertoire of the stars of “the Voice” and trust Maxim Fadeev, Nargiz has songs Zakharova – “Return the memory”. Despite the fact that the authors always receive royalties for their songs, Maria refuses money for his work. She enjoys creativity and therefore does not consider it necessary to take a fee for it.

“I don’t take fees. Although offer, but I refuse. When a man writes poems in a professional and takes it as a job, and I was uncomfortable to for such any fees, — said Zakharov. — For me it is not so much a hobby, pretty much a hobby, it’s even easier — something that happens by itself. But I really like it. Today I came to work, and there are people at the entrance waiting for me with a bouquet of white roses. And said: “Thank you for the song!” Because some people like it, and it’s great!”
Мария Захарова отказывается от гонораров за песни

Maria admitted that inspiration comes to her internal experiences. Some of the stories she takes from his own life, and some of the difficult situations surrounding her. It happened with Katya LEL, the singer shared with Zakharova its history, which deeply affected her. The diplomat did not say whether to require her assistance in this matter, and whether she could somehow solve the problem, but in the end the artist has another song in the repertoire.

Мария Захарова отказывается от гонораров за песни“After meeting with Katya LEL’ — and we did not know, once again, met in some company and talked — I didn’t fall asleep for a minute. And with my work schedule sleepy quite often. But it was the case when I was trying to sleep, but nothing worked, and I walked around the house early in the morning… And just recorded the result of these experiences,” — said Zakharov.

Foreign Ministry spokesman admits that he did not write songs to order. As it turned out, many turn to a diplomat, hoping to perform her songs. Zakharova said in an interview with “Moskovsky Komsomolets” that she needed to wait for inspiration.

Maria Zakharova has been a weird hobby

“I only want personal communication and emotions! I’m not a songwriter, not a man of show business. I feel, Express their emotions, and it works. There was another song by Alexander Kogan “I seek you”, there was also thrown in my experiences. Now, maybe they will have another song with another,” revealed the secret of Mary.