Андрей Макаревич прокомментировал скандал с организацией «Нашествия» Some time ago, from participation in the festival refused bright rock band. The reason they called the collaboration “the Invasion” with the Ministry of defense of Russia. Andrey Makarevich expressed his position.
Андрей Макаревич прокомментировал скандал с организацией «Нашествия»

From 3 to 5 July in the Big Zavidovo will be held the festival “Invasion”. The event is held for the 20th time. Since 2013, it is supported by the Ministry of defense of Russia. At the festival will be an exhibition of military equipment, and will also be a show of pilots. At the sites of organized testing to military service, as well as the specialists will tell about the admission to specialized universities. Many rock groups have refused to participate in concerts. Among them were “Porn films”, “Dirty Molly”, “Elysium”, “Eorsi,” the Distemper.

“Friends, not good news. We regret to inform that the previously announced performance of “Elysium” to “Invasion” — will not take place. The main condition of our participation was the lack of promotion of militarism on the festival grounds, and festival “tanks without guns, without military sites and other expositions of the Ministry of defense.” Along with the apology from the organizers, came other information, the Ministry of defence in the case, with the area of technology and selection of the army… In this situation, refusal to participate, the only possible option. Pacifism and anti-militarism — for we are not empty words,” left a post on the group page, “Elysium”.

Andrei Makarevich, which also ignores the festival together with the group “the time Machine”, spoke about the current situation of cooperation.

“Tanks, dancing to rock-n-roll is a distortion and betrayal of the idea of the festival. After all, musicians have always been opposed to weapons and war. Of course, a personal matter – to participate in “Invasion” or not. I do not blame anyone. But I really want the mind back to other artists!” said Makarevich.

Other participants of the festival differently to the events of the fifth year at the festival. Vadim Samoilov doesn’t understand such a sharp position of some participants “Invasions”.

“I made up some nonsense to get out, they say, they are against the war, I don’t want to speak, please the festival without them, not poorer. “Invasion” has long been collaborating with the Ministry of defense, and everyone knows about it,” said Vadim Samoilov.

As stated by the organizers of the “Interlocutor”, the groups were warned in advance of all the formats of cooperation of the festival.