Таня Терешина сообщила дочери о беременности The singer is preparing once again to become a mother. Within a few months, Tanya Tereshina chose not to tell fans about his interesting position. However, ARIS, the eldest daughter, she has been preparing to birth another baby.
Таня Терешина сообщила дочери о беременности

Last week, Tanya Tereshina, the former soloist of group “Hi-Fi” announced pregnancy. After about four months she will have a second baby. First, the singer hid an interesting position from the public, as first wanted to get married with her lover Oleg. The wedding will take place in September. Elect Tereshinoy already have her daughter from a relationship with Slava Nikitin, ARIS. Tatiana said to the girl about her pregnancy, as she is very active and may accidentally hurt rounded tummy mom.

“At first I didn’t tell her, but she still went with me to the ultrasound and sagely considered the monitor. The word “pregnancy” she did not understand and therefore believed that we listen to heart beating. But we really listened to the heart, but not mine. Then I decided to tell her, primarily because of security. I said that in my tummy is her new relative and you need to be careful with the mother’s stomach. ARIS first, not really believed. Said, “you’re there”. Well, apparently the belly of that size did not inspire her confidence. Then we have the whole family flooded again on the ultrasound. ARIS considered very rolling babica and fell into ecstasy. She began to exclaim: “Yes, indeed? child! Look what he’s doing, he jumps up!” Then she all and Sundry told me everything she saw on the ultrasound” — shared Tereshina.
Таня Терешина сообщила дочери о беременности

According to the artist, she had been watching ARIS. The girl often played with other children when he came to visit the other families. “She’s ready to hang over them for hours. We were at a party where you have a baby, so all the kids went to the Playground, and ARIS stayed calm at rocking babica and I couldn’t get enough”. – added Tereshina.

The singer is glad that ARIS is also good at communicating with her fiance. “When Oleg comes home, my daughter immediately runs into his arms. They have a trusting relationship, I’m happy with it! It is important that my man became a friend to my child. Oleg got it! ARIS never been to weddings, so she probably doesn’t understand yet what it is. But she hinted that we will soon fly to France or Italy. It’s where I plan to celebrate your honeymoon!” — shared star.