Maria Zakharova revealed a special secret of your wardrobe

Мария Захарова раскрыла особый секрет своего гардероба The representative of the Russian foreign Ministry prefers clothes Russian brands. Maria Zakharova told what outfits help her to be always elegant. Clothing for official meetings and briefings with journalists, the woman-diplomat selects itself by shopping in the near-to-home store.

      Мария Захарова раскрыла особый секрет своего гардероба

      The Director of the Department of information and press of the foreign Ministry of Russia Maria Zakharova, without a doubt, is one of the most stylish women in the country. Outfits in which she appears in public, always chosen with great taste, sense of proportion and understanding of what is appropriate if they.

      As it turns out, perfect appearance Maria Zakharova – only her merit, after all, chooses dresses she alone, and not spending on this procedure large amount of time.

      In an interview with the Polish edition of radio Sputnik official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry said that the opportunities to arrange a shopping it does not have in force employment. For example, one of the dresses, particularly any foreign delegations, Maria bought at the boutique, located near her home. Zakharova surprised the audience at the briefing elegant outfit with puffed sleeves.

      Мария Захарова раскрыла особый секрет своего гардероба“After that I received a lot of questions, including from abroad, about the dress. It became popular in social networks. It was summer, modest black dress with pretty puffed sleeves. And I don’t even know who the designer is, I just took it off the hanger in the store,” — said Maria Zakharova.

      As it turned out, the dress belonged to one of the Russian brands. By the way, the manufacturers found out that their outfits were highly appreciated by the representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs and sent her as a present a few of their new products. A gift from the woman refused, but was contacted by the brand and said that they are ready to buy their clothes. “Many of my things, where I brief, is our national clothes are produced in Russia,” – said Maria Zakharova.

      By the way, at the end of last year, the official representative of the MFA of Russia surprised the subscribers to your page on Facebook, posting a wedding photo. The instantly became an Internet hit. Pictures of wedding dresses Maria Zakharova became a hit on the Network

      Maria Zakharova, a marriage which took place eleven years ago in new York, chose the original outfit. Internet users were surprised by the unusual choice of wedding dress, tirelessly discussed the image of Maria Zakharova.