50-летняя Джанет Джексон впервые стала мамой The famous singer accepts congratulations. Janet Jackson gave her husband a son. Now the American performer is waiting for the moment when you leave the baby home. The husband of the actress a happy addition to the family.

      The third January of the new year, the famous American singer Janet Jackson for the first time became a mother. 50-year-old actress gave her husband Wissam al-mana the long-awaited son. New parents overjoyed. The appearance of the heir to the light officially confirmed by representatives of well-known performer.

      “Janet Jackson and her husband Wissam al Mana happy to welcome their son Eissa al Mana towards the light” – this was said in a statement on behalf of the Jackson family.

      Fans worldwide are excited for the American singer and sent her sincere congratulations.

      That 50-year-old Jackson will become a mother, the public learned in April of last year. At first she just hinted to his fans that in her life significant changes are coming. Janet apologized to those fans who are unable to attend her concerts due to the cancellation of some performances. However, fans of her work with understanding and deep respect to the fact that pregnant women prefer exhausting a work of rest and relaxation.

      “In my life occurred an important change, and I want you to know about it first. My husband and I are planning a family. And now I’m forced for this reason to postpone its European tour. The doctors recommended that I get plenty of rest. Please try to understand me, for me, what is happening now is incredibly important. But I haven’t forgotten you, I will continue the tour as soon as the opportunity arises!” – Janet wrote in his microblog.

      As representatives of the singer’s edition of People, the mother and the newborn feel fine. “Birth Janet was healthy and passed without unnecessary stress, it is now surrounded by comfort”, – informed the managers of the actress.