Гвен Стефани стала новым лицом Revlon

2017 began for Gwen Stefani with new cooperation. The singer became the Ambassador of the cosmetic brand Revlon.

So Gwen became a part of a team of stars, previously representing the brand, among them Ciara, Halle berry, Emma stone and Olivia Wilde. A full advertising campaign with the participation of Stephanie will be published by the end of January, and then we will be able to see the performer in a new capacity.

“Since my childhood I used cosmetics as a means of expression, — said Gwen in an official statement. – I experimented with makeup to show their individuality and be creative. Therefore, the partnership with such an iconic beauty brand, like Revlon, are perceived as a natural step in my life. But I am very happy and proud to continue my experiments as the global Ambassador of this brand.”