Maria Zakharova admired the slender legs

Мария Захарова восхитила стройными ногами The representative of the Russian foreign Ministry began preparations for the spring. Maria Zakharova shared a photo taken during training. In a picture published by a woman in her microblog, she poses in a stylish shape.

      Like many women, the Director of the Department of information and press of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova started to prepare for the spring. The woman focused on sports to look great and please the fans of their appearance. Zakharova recently published a photograph taken in the gym. In the picture you can see how Maria’s training in a body-hugging shape.

      Subscribers Zakharova found that it looks amazing and wrote her many compliments. “In great shape”, “Elegant figure”, “Spring in the spring, and the trainer’s schedule, And smart, and slim”, “well Done! Healthy body, healthy spirit, Bravo, Maria, about myself too, I suppose”, “All time”, “Lost”, “a fabulous woman. Wish you success and happiness”, “Mary”, “you look nice”, “that’s Right, sports is life”, “Sportswoman, Komsomolka” – discussing social media users.

      Earlier Zakharova posted a photo where she poses in the outfit of a Russian brand. The Mary was made in Abu Dhabi, where this week the Russian-Arab forum. Star policy did not change his taste and chose a dress local designer. Image Zakharova caused heated discussions on the Network. “Charming”, “like”, “Very stylish”, “the Main lady mid”, “Chic”, “Charm”, “Bravo”, “Proud”, “You are beautiful, no doubt,” commented on fans of a diplomat.

      Maria Zakharova revealed a special secret of your wardrobe

      “All the Emirates are going shopping for brands, I decided on the contrary – domestic export: to suit from a great friend in the vast Abu Dhabi. Know ours,” Maria wrote in his microblog.

      However, the outfit Zakharova have estimated not all. One of podeschi rebuked her for wanting to advertise themselves. Mary denied this speculation. “Some utter nonsense… I lived and live. No PR is not engaged. Every day I receive dozens of requests for interviews on personal matters, participation in various television programs and photo shoots in fashion magazines. Refuse it all. Participate only in what relates to the job… Unless I have in account a lot of my photos? They are, but they are not so much”, – said the diplomat. Zakharova also said that she’s a woman. “I’m not proud of “the kissing hand”, and just post something funny, unusual, interesting, evokes positive emotions. You came up with for me, my world, which is not. Do not think out, and ask,” concluded Zakharov.