Actor “house” learned Russian language for the role

Актер «Доктора Хауса» выучил русский язык ради роли Peter Jacobson learned about some of the traditions of our country. Artiste played a spy in the TV series “Adaptation”, which airs on TNT on February 6. With him in the picture will appear Evgenia Brik, Leonid Bichevin, Arthur Beschastny and many others.

Actor Peter Jacobson, remembered by the viewers for her role in “Dr. house”, starred in the Russian TV series “Adaptation”. A man recorded a video message to fans in which she explained that very soon you will see him on the TNT channel. The star was able to demonstrate a knowledge of the Russian language, greeting the fans.

The new series develops in the Siberian Noyabrsk. The protagonist of “Adaptation”, played by Leonid Bichevin, special agent of the United States, had to go to Russia. Jacobson became the screen for his young spy. According to Peter, it turned out very funny “CIA agent”. As he admitted during a visit to Moscow, the producers warned him in advance that there are no stereotypes about the Russian in the picture will not.

Jacobson said that the shooting of “Adaptation” took less time than in the American series. The star is so pleased to work with Russian producers that he is happy to accept another offer, if any are received.

Hero Peter ward aims to be implemented to work in “Gazprom”. However, the American spy is a lot of testing: drive in the reserved seat, meal and meet a real Russian woman. About the adventures of foreigners in Russia, viewers will learn 6 Feb at 20: 00.