Maria Shukshina again became a grandmother

Мария Шукшина снова стала бабушкой
Ex-girlfriend son the actress gave birth to a baby.

Мария Шукшина снова стала бабушкой

Maria Shukshina with her son Makar

Photo: Instagram

Maria Shukshina became again
grandmother. Ex-fiancee of her son Makar Frey Zilber gave birth to a son in one of
the capital’s hospitals. The girl’s name has thundered all over the country in September last
year. Freya, who was then in the early stages of pregnancy, went to
law enforcement agencies, alleging domestic violence. Silber said that
Makar was not only physical, but also were engaged in sale forbidden
substances. Frey and son Shukshina, of course,
ceased communication, but, nevertheless, she decided to keep the baby.

While in
position, the girl regularly visited by numerous talk shows. On one of the shows
it became known that on the passport her name is Anastasia. She already has a daughter,
which Zilber gave birth at age 14, the girl brought up her parents.

“I decided
to keep the baby, she brings up my mother. I realized that at this stage I can’t
nothing to give her, very love daughter. People blame for the fact that the woman lives for
the expense of men. For me, if a man gives money — it’s okay,” said
Silber in the Studio.

Ibid. a former
daughter Maria Shukshina remembered how he met her son. Young
people wrote to her in one of social networks, and then invited to come in
capital. After a few months she found out she was pregnant. Soon relations
beloved gave a crack, and she spoke about the beatings.

Shukshin long time did not comment on the scandal, but one day he snapped and
he expressed his opinion in the Network. “I’m in shock from what was happening. But now there is
verification by the police, — said the actress. — As soon as it becomes known
the results immediately let you know. Prior to the announcement of the results, it is all speculation
(to put it mildly)”.

Freya Silber