“The neighborhood war” Justin Theroux has reached its climax

«Соседская война» Джастина Теру достигла апогея
The actor fears for his life.

Justin Theroux


A long-standing quarrel 46-year-old Justin Theroux with his
a neighbor in the exclusive condominium in new York — Norman Reznikov — reached the point of intensity. Justin had to request that was made a court order, which will not allow resnikoff
closer to Theroux, and even to engage him in conversation. As stated by the actor, he believes that Norman is dangerous
and afraid for her life. However, to achieve the satisfaction of his request, Justin
they succeeded only in plunging into this trial two other neighbors.

This story began long ago when
Justin haven’t broken up with Jennifer aniston. What is only during this time did not blame the friend
other Theroux and Reznikov! So, Norman, according to Justin, spying on
actor through the window and even made nezakonnye photos… Reznikov, in response, stated that
incredible noise from the renovation Theroux has caused irreparable damage to his health.Justin accused Norman that invaded his home and threatened
workers-repairmen. Then they quarrel over dogs Theroux, who allegedly howled
and barked in the absence of the owner. Reznikov demanded that the actor made
costly soundproofing of the apartment, which would cost the owner several
tens of thousands of dollars.

The latest move Reznikov became
trying to win over the residents of this home — Bradley Calcaterra and
David Maccorkle. When Norman failed, he moved on to threats,
while swinging some iron hooks. Here Theroux managed
take advantage of the situation and attract Calcaterra with Mccorkle as witnesses
vs Reznikov. In this round of the battle with
Norman, Justin managed to win. But the most curious thing in this story
that, according to other tenants, the true cause of the conflict Theroux and
Reznikova has no relation neither to dogs nor to repair. Really
the case of Justin and Norman had a falling out over the fact that they could not “hold
the border” between their corresponding plots of terraces on the roof.