Мария Порошина показала результат похудения после родов In the beginning of the year, the actress became a mother for the fourth time. Mariya Poroshina has published a photo in which she is very slim. Fans with admiration noticed that the star acquired a new shape.

      Maria Poroshina gave his fans a new reason for discussion. The actress has posted a charming photo in evening dress. The picture shows the actress posing in front of the camera in a dress with bare shoulders. The figure of the star shows that she is markedly postroila. Apparently, Poroshina dropped a few extra pounds and have back to the weight she was before pregnancy.

      Fans of the actress immediately noticed her transformation. They were quick to comment on new photo of the star and leave flattering comments on her page in Instagram. “You are very beautiful, role model”, “Skinny! The beauty of It, always be compelling, like in the movies, and in life”, “you look Great! How do you do it? Share a secret”, “Strinasacchi”, “Maria, you’re very feminine! Watching You on screen since childhood and admired,” wrote the followers of the star.

      I wonder what Maria is working on her figure, the actress quickly came into shape after the fourth childbirth due to physical activity and diet. In addition, the actress does not exclude that soon it will resort to rejuvenation. 42-year-old star is thinking about plastic surgery as long as possible to look young and beautiful. Recently the actress explained to fans his thoughts about surgery.

      “For cinema, it is important that the appearance was pleasant and attractive. When you get to a certain age, then you need to see whether it is necessary to be young. There is a wonderful artist who did not specifically make and look interesting. They are beautiful spiritual glow from the inside and carry the old as a gift. They know how to use it, you know what to do at this age. It is a personal choice how to feel and position. Can’t say I won’t take advantage of five years of surgical delights” — shared Poroshina in his microblog.

      Mariya Poroshina working on himself for the sake of the family

      According to Poroshina, to go under the surgeon’s knife or not — each woman decides for herself. However, the celebrity does not deny that in the future she will resort to plastic in order to remain one of the most popular Russian Actresses.

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