Мир потешается над российским двойником Джима Керри Hollywood actor learned about the existence of my copy and was delighted. After the success of the Russian double Leonardo DiCaprio Roman Burtsev, the Network is gaining popularity of people similar to Jim Carrey.

      Мир потешается над российским двойником Джима Керри

      History is replete with examples where famous people have appeared the so-called twins “of the people”. With people incredibly similar to stars begin to greet passers-by, asked for their autographs, doing them a photo for memory. The most enterprising even extract their own benefit from this situation – she starts to act on behalf of well-known personalities and extort from gullible people’s money.

      And there are cases where the person lives and not realize that the whole world is discussing its similarity with the star. The circled photo of a man, strikingly like a young Jim Carrey the time of the filming of the movie “Dumb and dumber”. Presumably, the DoppelgangeR of Hollywood actor – a citizen of Russia. It is possible that the guy and can not imagine that his image was published in major tabloids in America and Europe.

      Moreover, the glory of the ordinary Russian has already reached the Jim Carrey. According to the news portal Tmz.com world-famous comedian saw a picture with his lookalike and came to the wild delight. He also noted that he was surprised by the similarity with an unknown man.

      Мир потешается над российским двойником Джима Керри

      We will remind, not so long ago the whole world was discussing another Russian, who is incredibly similar to another Hollywood icon Leonardo DiCaprio. Middle Manager from the suburbs of Roman Burtsev has become a real Internet star. The employee of service of rescue has taken a serious step in his life and became the hero of the project of TV channel “Moscow 24” “the novel with Leonardo DiCaprio”. After the show, the man lost weight and changed the image, becoming even more similar to a Hollywood star.

      Мир потешается над российским двойником Джима Керри

      Russian double DiCaprio lost weight and is looking for a bride

      Now the novel successfully combines the main work with the shooting in advertising and parody films, where he acts in the way DiCaprio. So, some time ago on the screens released a parody of the melodrama “Titanic”, which brought fame to Leonardo. The plot of the novel trying to escape with the help of a small raft constructed out of a suitcase, but, like the original, freezes. However, the effect of parody is not in the ocean and in the pool ENEA.

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