Мария Порошина впервые показала младшую дочку
The actress shared a touching family photo.

Maria Poroshina daughters Serafima, Agrippina and Glafira (on hand) and Alexander Chichikov with her daughter Katya

Photo: Courtesy Of M. Poroshina

Maria Poroshina shared with 7days.iphotography where she is depicted with her three daughters Serafima, Agrippina and Glasha (baby was a year and eight months) and his girlfriend, actress Alexandra Chichikova and her daughter Katya Korshunova (the girl is the granddaughter of famous actors Victor Korshunova and Yekaterina Yelanskaya).

The picture was taken during the company’s return to Moscow from Shchelykovo, you have a favorite roadside restaurant. Love Poroshina to shelukovo has a long history. When Maria was nine years old, the all-Union theatre
the society gave her grandmother a ticket to a rest Home for actors in Shchelykovo (this boarding house in Kostroma region is located in the family estate of the great playwright Alexander Ostrovsky). “I then had no idea about Ostrovsky, I was happy that my grandmother brought me to this
a wonderful place, where around forest trails, berries, clean air…”

Children’s experiences were so strong that when, after many years Poroshina and her husband Ilya Drevnov familiar actress Lyudmila Krylova (the first wife of Oleg Tabakov – approx.ed.) reported that in the village of Shchelykovo sold the house, Masha and Ilya decided to watch it. And this did not prevent them even in a Blizzard, and snowdrifts! And although the couple was not able to see the house from the inside, they decided to buy it.

The house was fixed and since then, every year, Masha, Ilya and their children spend the summer at his dacha. And enjoying simple village life, lack of fences and the Internet. “Escape from Moscow to shelukovo try to regularly.The company we are going big: my husband, our children and moms, sisters…” — says Poroshina.