В Сети появился первый совместный снимок незаконнорожденных детей князя Альбера
The son of the monarch is not allowed into the Palace.

Jasmine Grimaldi and Eric-Alexander coast

Photo: @jasmingrimaldi/Instagram

The other day on the Internet
a unique photo, which was captured from two of the illegitimate
children of the ruler of Monaco — Jasmine and Eric Alexander. This picture published
the eldest daughter of Prince albert II of Monaco on his page in the social network — just a personal celebration of her brother. “Happy birthday, bro! You have fourteen!!!!” signed it to the frame.

In principle, snapshots
Eric and Jasmine had already appeared earlier in the Network, but that was a long time ago,
this time they managed to significantly grow. Besides, they’d never
were photographed together. Moreover, none of the uninitiated in the mysteries of the Palace
monarchs of Monaco did not know that the son and daughter of the Prince are friends.

Jasmine is her mom
began in 1991 year, the American Tamara
Rotolo, who had a fling with albert — in contrast to his brother,
admitted to the court. As a girl, who is studying currently
a University in new York, father even introduced her to his younger brother and
sister — twins Princess Gabriella and heir to the throne Jacques. And
in fact albert to 14 years did not want to recognize Jasmine his daughter, her mother had
sue Prince!

Even more difficult
was the fate of Erica. He, incidentally, was born not as a result of casual affair.
His mother — a dark-skinned stewardess Nicole Costa was a serious affair with albert lasted
as much as 6 years. However, after the Prince married Charlene Wittstock, he
interrupted with his ex-mistress and son all sorts of contacts. Not to mention
that boy is strictly prohibited to enter the Palace. “Eric really misses
father, because before he visited him frequently. I have to tell my son that his
the Pope is very busy. I don’t understand this woman (Charlene) than it prevented
my son, because he is innocent?” — complains to Nicole that explains
the behaviour of albert in relation to the influence of Eric wife of the monarch.