Maria Pogrebnyak is struggling with jealousy

Мария Погребняк борется с ревностью The player’s wife explained that this could destroy the family. Maria Pogrebnyak is looking for the strength to eliminate a similar emotions. Seeing this post women, fans speculated that she had problems with her husband.

      The family of Maria and Pavel Pogrebnyak considers a role model. They met in high school years, but still together. However, fans of the wife of a footballer is not a joke stirred her arguments about jealousy. Someone suggested that the relationships of the couples experienced a dispute. Maria posted on his page in Instagram, in which he described the feeling in detail.

      “Sooner or later every man at least once in life to meet with such a feeling as jealousy. The problem of jealousy affects a large number of people. In itself, the feeling of jealousy is destructive! Its basis is the lack of confidence, distrust. Jealousy is an explosive cocktail of several emotions. The jealousy of the husband, wife, children or girlfriends, together with other negative feelings: resentment, anger, sadness, loneliness, pushes people to commit rash acts that have unpleasant consequences. So you need to find the strength to fight it,” wrote Pogrebnyak, uploading a picture in a bikini.

      “We can say that jealousy is the salt of love. The problems begin when the salt becomes too much. And love becomes inedible,” added the mother of many children.

      Fans agreed that jealousy prevents to live and enjoy relationships with loved ones. “Jealousy is if you think someone better/smarter/prettier/cuter than you… Jealousy prevents personal growth. But Maria’s husband a little jealous you need, because you’re not the only one he love”, “Jealousy is part of human being. You can say that you need to deal with it, but as I is not yet clear,” said the followers.

      However, there were also those who wrote that probably have Pogrebnyak problems with her husband since a very long time she did not put that joint pictures with Paul. At the moment Maria is together with mother-in-law Larissa and children on vacation in Dubai. Mother of many children is very grateful to the relatives that they help to cope with her sons. During a beach holiday Pogrebnyak ribbed cousin, burying her body in the sand. Apparently, in the family of footballer mutual understanding.