Due to injury Yulianna Karaulova can’t move without a corset

Из-за травмы Юлианна Караулова не может двигаться без корсета

Singer injured in the show “Ice age”, but it is not going to leave the project.

In the air it’s only been three version of the show, and the participants-lay people have not sweet. During another rehearsal of the trouble happened with the singer Yulianna Karaulova.

Together with her partner Maxim Trankovym singer makes it difficult to support, but it didn’t went in, so much so that Maxim to keep the girl from falling, I had to grab her.

Only in the evening, as the pain did not abate, Karaulova decided to go to the doctor. After x-rays revealed that she had a rib fracture. However, Julianna decided that the injury is not a reason to leave the show, the more difficult stunts she began to happen.

“For me, any difficulty is an additional incentive to strive for the best results, – explained the singer to Woman’s Day. — Moreover, thank God, I have no such injuries, which would be forced not to ride. The doctor recommended peace of mind, but it’s definitely not what I settle for in life. I’m extremely energetic and restless person.”

Of course completely ignore the recommendations of doctors, the singer has not become and now not only protects himself in training, but wears a special corset.

“To compensate for the lack of peace has laid special clans – supporting adhesive sport patches and corset edges, Julianna told Woman’s Day. — Well, I take calcium and anti-inflammatory drugs. Training Maxim stopped making any items where there is a grip for the ribs, and I was careful to ride and now really afraid of falling. But globally, nothing has changed – we continue to train intensively enough”.