Мария Погребняк копирует стиль Барби

Model and founder of own brand clothing was struck by the resemblance to a Barbie doll.

Maria Pogrebniak attended the presentation of special collections Charlotte Olympia x Barbie, which included bags, shoes and accessories in the style world-famous doll. Mary herself appeared on the show in an outfit that made her even more like Barbie. Pale pink mini skirt and a jacket in combination with long white hair, pouty lips, wasp waist and legs “from ears” turned Pogrebnyak in an exact copy of Barbie.

It seems Maria and she is pleased with the likeness that she does not get tired to emphasize the frivolous pink outfits. By the way, in the wardrobe stars great variety. It should be noted that the above-mentioned suit tweed shade strawberry cotton candy Pogrebnyak has created itself through its fashion brand Maria Pogrebnyak. The price of the dress like Barbie is about 12 thousand rubles.

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