Мария Миронова: блестящая карьера и безуспешные попытки построить семью Today, the daughter of legendary actor, outstanding theater and film actress turned 45 years old. Maria Mironova became famous thanks to a thrilling game in the film “State Councilor”, “Oligarch”, “Owl Creek”…
Мария Миронова: блестящая карьера и безуспешные попытки построить семью

The future actress was born into a Moscow family of two famous artists: Andrei Mironov and Ekaterina Hail. Shortly after Mashinnogo birth her parents decided to separate. So the girl had half-namesake-sister Maria Golubkina that the new marriage was adopted by Andrei Mironov.

“A successful acting family is the exception rather than the rule,” admits Mary herself Mironov in an interview.

Already in two years, the girl began to be creative, to Express her talent in dancing: father predicted her future ballet stars. But to get along with choreographers Mache failed and the dancing stopped. At the age of ten years, not without the will of parents Masha played the first role in the film “the adventures of Tom Sawyer”. Girl the process of shooting not like, chat with some actors, even scared, but that did not stop her to continue still acting dynasty.

The beginning of the nineties for the future actress was marked by the receipt in drama school named Shchukin and… wedding. As a student, she married businessman Igor Swashbuckling. Whom Mary met while studying at the school, they began a dizzying affair, and at the age of 17, Maria became a happy wife. Soon after coming of age girls the couple had a son, whom Mary was named after his famous father. After sitting for a few years with a child, the young artist decided to continue her education and transferred to the film Institute.

At the end of the educational institution chartered, the actress began working in the theater, “Lenk”, a career in the film industry also took off. Maria Andreyevna wanted to see as many theatre projects and films. Critics have praised the talent Mironova, and the audience does not get tired to admire.

Meanwhile, in the family of a beautiful actress, everything went not as smooth as in a career: marriage to the Swashbuckling Igor was destroyed and finally disintegrated, but the couple has managed to maintain warm and friendly relations even after the divorce.

Мария Миронова: блестящая карьера и безуспешные попытки построить семью“Igor – the person I will be grateful for the rest of his life. You know, he’s of the rare breed of selfless people. He gave me a lot – a huge amount of support, love, and do it selflessly,” – says her first husband Maria Mironova.

If in the first marriage, the husband was older than Maria Andreyevna eight years, the second difference between spouses was reduced to seven. And this time was older than Maria. Her lover was Dmitry Klokov, Advisor to the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Male got along really well not only with the son of the actress, but with her ex-husband. Despite the family reunion, the marriage of Mary and Dmitry also ended in divorce.

“My life is only one big test, which I, in my feeling, could not, was not… Same family for all my life I have failed. And in this family I have an extreme longing. I sincerely admire people who found the strength to keep the family together forever. To me this is fascinating”, – shares his feelings with the actress.

Further personal life Mironova shrouded in mystery. There were rumors that the actress was having an affair with Aleksei Makarov. The actor has repeatedly stressed in interviews and online that the couple has been married, except that Maria Andreevna this information is not confirmed. Recently on one of the TV show, the actress said that refers to the Makarov as a friend, and a stamp in the passport is not going to advertise.

Despite the fact that Maria Andreevna does not apply on the men in my life, the one male she never ceases to publicly proud of Her son Andrew from childhood is activity and friendliness, which is probably inherited from my mom. After school, the young man did not want to pursue an acting dynasty – went to the University management. Studied there for a year, the guy realized that the genes have taken their toll. Andrew threw high school and entered the Shchukin school…

Mary herself she is not only acting work – she is the founder of the Artist Foundation. Together with Yevgeny Mironov. Charitable Foundation Mary aims to support leaders of different kinds of art. The hallmark of the organization is an annual award “For honour and dignity, and contribution to the art” which is awarded to outstanding representatives of world cinema, ballet and circus as cash grants.

“This award, which has not happened in history! It gives people the feel that they really contributed to the culture and that they are not forgotten. And at the same time gives them the opportunity to live at the level they deserve. After all, not only the architectural monuments need to be put in order, restore, maintain. There are people who are living history…” – talks about his fond Maria Andreevna.

Now the actress continues to be in the Lenkom theatre, in films, but, despite her busy schedule, Maria Andreevna carefully monitor their appearance, do fitness and travels a lot.