Мария Максакова страдает в разлуке с детьми The singer clarified the speculation of the public in a live TV show. Maria Maksakova said that does not characterize their actions as an escape. According to star, she and her husband just moved to another country. The actress said that she had no other choice. She also admitted that she misses her family.

      Мария Максакова страдает в разлуке с детьми

      In February of this year, the singer Maria Maksakova and her husband, former Deputy of the state Duma Denis Voronenkov, was at the center of the scandal. The actress and her husband moved to the Ukraine. During the meeting with local journalists, the politician informed that he received the citizenship of another country. Action Maksakova and Boronenkov suspected of fraud, has provoked a strong discussion. Spouses were accused of escape and were called “traitors”.

      Later, the diva presented a rather daring, in the opinion of the fans, the video for the song “You’re mine.” Celebrity video caused a new wave of gossip. Recently, Maria Maksakova agreed to give an interview to the program “live” to answer questions from the public.

      The actress said she misses her heirs, who remained in Moscow. She also made it clear that tired of numerous critical remarks in the address.

      “For me, home is Bruce lane and Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, where I lived with my children, which I do not see very worried and suffer because of this. But that doesn’t mean I want to take back my words… I had enough of the “slop”, I don’t sling mud. My rhetoric is not different from most of what I said in Russia”, – told the singer.
      Мария Максакова страдает в разлуке с детьми

      The actress also admitted that he does not consider his act of escape. “I just left,” says the star. The same celebrity said about the actions of the spouse.

      As the words of Maria Maksakova, she went to another country after your loved one. Woman found it necessary to support his mate. “He is not a thief,” said the star about the spouse.

      “I left because I have a child who is eleven months, which I really need. When I left, I didn’t know what will be waiting for me upon arrival… unfortunately, I can not come to Moscow and can’t see mom, dad and two beloved children… to Leave – it was the choice of Dennis, because he is half Ukrainian. When husband and wife become told, one flesh, we should not think about other people and their actions. For its part, we must behave in a way that pleases the Lord God. That’s marriage…” – shared the actress.

      Otar Kushanashvili, one of the guests of the program, asked the singer whether she was aware of the position that puts his mother Lyudmila Maksakova, recently forced to fend off attacks of enemies. “I love her… I Think mom understands me. The no-choice – it is also certain circumstances”, – said the artist.

      Numerous experts TV show openly accused the celebrity of improper behaviour and Maksakova peppered with questions about her alleged escape. The singer tried to keep listening to comments from Studio guests. Some of them suggested that Maksakova purposely trying to “do a good mine at bad game”. The artist herself has not responded to such speculation. The woman also stressed that he is not going to answer for the words and actions of others.