«Евровидение-2017»: что ждет на конкурсе Юлю Самойлову One of the most discussed topics of the week remains the singer’s participation in large-scale event. About the upcoming trip of the artist in Kiev there are many rumors – there’s even talk about a possible ban on entry into the territory of the country. The experts shared his opinion about the room Yulia Samoilova and conditions in which it will be, once for the contest.

      «Евровидение-2017»: что ждет на конкурсе Юлю Самойлову

      Discussing the news that Russia at the “Eurovision-2017” will present the singer in a wheelchair Yulia Samoilova. Opinions were divided: some wished the girl good luck, while others believe he shouldn’t have to send Julia to Ukraine, they say, the artist with the features may be accused of trying to invoke the pity of the audience. Experts argue whether society objectively assess the talent Samoilova.

      Katerina Gechmen-Waldeck music producer Alexei Vorobyov, participant of “Eurovision-2011”:

      “I am convinced that our Julia Samoilova in the competition will not be easy. But as a man for more than 20 years living in Europe, I treat Eurovision as a whole from a distance, because I understand how the value of this competition is exaggerated throughout the post-Soviet space. Eurovision – it’s not the Olympics, not the World Cup, and believe me, no European country is considering and discussing the entertaining commercial product as seriously as we do. But our “mythologizing” of the event significantly complicates the task of each participant from Russia, adding to the difficult process of technical preparations for international competition, exaggerated responsibility to the country. Therefore, the participation in the Eurovision song contest itself is a huge stress and a great mental and physical strain for any Russian artist. And in today’s environment, given the situation in the world and extreme politicization of this contest, it increases significantly.

      Unfortunately, this competition became for a long time, primarily political, not musical. There are many examples, one of them is from my own personal experience. It’s a harmless Day of Victory of Alexey Vorobyov Eurovision with the scene in düsseldorf, Germany. Past almost unnoticed for our audience, it provoked strong negative reactions in the press of some European countries, and this was reflected in the jury vote, threw our party down 5 places, which he received in audience voting.
      «Евровидение-2017»: что ждет на конкурсе Юлю Самойлову

      In addition, the whole process runs built very tough, rehearsing each is given just for a few minutes and it adds a party and stress, and load. Therefore, the tender Julia will be a challenge both mentally and physically. Favors her to do that no one will, the regulations that have to take place all on a common basis. Also, Julia, you should be ready that it will start to criticize. Therefore, it will not be easy. But maybe Julia is much better prepared to any complications. So let’s wish her strength, courage and good luck, and hopefully, when he spoke of the Muse, guns finally silenced”.

      Yana Churikova, a commentator of the semifinals and finals of “Eurovision” on “the First channel”:

      “I know Julia as a singer and believe that she deserved the honor to represent Russia at “Eurovision-2017”. Before all music is equal, and if Julia sings and it’s her way of expression, I accept it. In the history of the competition, we saw many participants, out of the General mass. Remember chained to a chair Monica Kushinsky, two years ago, brilliantly presented in the competition Poland. She stood on an equal footing with everyone else. I think we need to stop dividing people into healthy and disabled people. We should put aside everything that interferes with the Samoilov just as an artist.

      I hope for the safety of Julia, too, experience is not necessary. It’s a European competition, he passes on the standards: placement, movement, safety. All “Eurovision”, which I managed to visit was highly organised from the point of view of convenience for the movement of people in wheelchairs.

      With regard to the argument about whether Julia to count for the prize, says: “Eurovision” – this is not a competition about winning. It is the job of the artist, it was a privilege and she needs to go and sing. Why the extra emotions? Someone complains, citing the example of Dina Garipova, they say, the contestants psychologically difficult: a few weeks to you riveted the attention of the whole country, and then you quickly forget. But it is worth noting that Dean is very popular in the Republic of Tatarstan, where she came from, and I’m sure Julia will also be able to gain a foothold in its niche, which it already successfully.”