Elena Armin van Buuren provoking conversations about pregnancy

Елена Подкаминская провоцирует разговоры о беременности According to rumors, the actress suddenly stopped playing in the performances, which aroused among colleagues and fans of her discussion interesting situation. In addition, Elena Armin van Buuren changed the style for a more sporty and comfortable. The artist are all these changes has not commented.

      The star of the popular TV series “Kitchen” Elena Armin van Buuren rarely shares details of his personal life. Perhaps that is why fans and media are trying to learn about it as much as possible. It turned out that the actress in January, stopped playing in two productions – “dog in the manger” and “the cure for the legacy.” In one of the performances being replaced by a colleague in the shop Natasha Shvets.

      Both views have already managed to catch the fancy of the Moscow public. They especially enjoyed watching the transformation of Helen in the first one, where she performed the main role. But, knowing that the woman somehow asked to replace themselves in the project, became upset and began to sort through the reasons. One of the most popular version of an interesting position the Armin van Buuren. However, confirmation of this rumor has not yet been found.

      In addition, judging by the latest photos in Instagram celebrities, she has decided to change the style. Usual form-fitting and cropped outfits Elena suddenly began to prefer a more comfortable sports. The shots of the star posing or in loose clothing, or standing with his back to the camera. But even such publications provoke followers talking about Armin van Buuren the pregnancy and give birth to new debate – who will be the possible father of the second child of the actress.

      Recall that eighteen months ago, the actress broke up with her husband – businessman Alexander Placeim. Spouses are unable to maintain family relationships because of misunderstanding and mutual claims. The man was jealous and wanted the actress all the free time gave him and the home, more go home. But the actress of theatre and cinema have tried and still have time to act in order not to lose recognition after the release of the successful TV series “Kitchen”.

      In an interview with “StarHit” Alexander admitted that goes through a breakup with a beloved, and even after that treats her with warmth and respect. “Lena I’m jealous of the men who surround her, to fans and colleagues. It is a pity that it happened. But perhaps it would be better for her.”

      Interestingly, a colleague of the Armin van Buuren on stage, the actress Olga Lomonosova – pregnant. This she told followers on the microblog. Apparently, to hide already noticeably rounded tummy no longer worked. Star “be Not born beautiful” will soon become a mother for the third time. The woman already has two daughters in a civil marriage with Pavel Safonov. The lovers are happy in anticipation of the completion of the family.