Maria Maksakova harsh comments about Stanislav Sadalsky

Мария Максакова жестко высказалась о Станиславе Садальском The singer gave to understand that it is unpleasant advice to the actor, who is often a guest of various TV shows and also publishes posts relating to the topic of her relationship with her mother. According to Maria Maksakova, Stanislav Sadalsky “lives in constant scandal.
Мария Максакова жестко высказалась о Станиславе Садальском

Opera diva Maria Maksakova gave a Frank interview to the authors of the show “the Cynics” Konstantin Doroshenko and Dmitry Tereshkova. It is worth noting that the video which appeared on YouTube, was filmed before the singer made a fashionable short cut.

Thinner Maria Maksakova was surprised hair like a boy

During the meeting with leading the program, the actress spoke about Stanislav Sadalsky in the blog posts which appear affecting her relationship with her mother Lyudmila Maksakova. The singer has hinted that her unpleasant such publications.

“In his nature there is something, how to say, some kind of abnormality. He very well manages to convert this specific prominence almost marginal wing. It is also known that has a blog. Like a magnet, gathers around itself a strange audience… I mean that he’s gaining popularity at the expense of the subscribers, and then appears on the esters. It’s like two sides of the same coin. He lives in constant scandal. Maybe he likes what he does, but to me it is extremely incorrect. For some reason he chose me as a target for his rather unsavory activities,” shared the celebrity.
Мария Максакова жестко высказалась о Станиславе Садальском

Answering the question of authors of transfer, the artist commented on his recent conflict with Stanislav Sadalsky, which occurred in the air, “Let them talk”. According to the singer, she did not see the guests in the Studio, but only heard them. So Mary had not known that the actor was one of the participants of the talk show. Excitement, the singer is not quite right quoted Leo Tolstoy.

Stas Sadalsky publicly quarreling with Maria Maksakova

“I had only my ear, I didn’t see the Studio. If I knew in advance that he will be there… I’m already speechless lost and even Tolstoy quoted with the error. He came to teach me what I need to do – to call or not call. This is our private life,” said the singer.

In addition, the artist lifted the veil of mystery over his future plans. In the near future, Mary plans to present a children’s book about music. It will be published by Laurus in the Ukrainian language. The translation of the works of the singer by famous conductor Roman Kofman. “He’s a legend, and for me it is a great honor. He is talented both as a writer and I am very grateful that he took it over… of Course, we have plans for what next season to sing,” said the artist.

Hosts of the show also asked Mary how her life has changed recently. After the artist has lost a loved one, she learns to live again. “Is it true that you are now other Maria Maksakova?” – with these words the star asked Konstantin Doroshenko. The singer agreed with his point of view and added that she decided to treat his activities as a singer. “I want to be proud of for its every note… I will be very picky to himself, very careful,” explained Maria Maksakova.