Discussing the care of Olga Buzova of “House-2”

В Сети обсуждают уход Ольги Бузовой из «Дома-2» Fans of the famous TV presenter is actively into discussions about her decision to leave a popular project because of lack of time. TV presenter allegedly told about his plans for the filming of telestroke. “StarHit” contacted a representative of Olga to find out about her intentions.

Fans of Olga Buzova not seriously alarmed. In the Network appeared the information that the star decided to say goodbye to the post of the host of popular reality show “Dom-2”. Internet users claim that Olga announced her resignation on the set of telestroke.

According to data that is actively being discussed online, in a short time the Affairs of the “House-2” will deal with Andrei Cherkasov, Vlad Kadoni, Ksenia Borodina, Olga Orlova and Katya Zhuzha. As for Olga Buzova, the active work on the upcoming solo concert supposedly exhausting her to such an extent that a celebrity constantly complains about the lack of free time due to the tight schedule.

News about the alleged disappearance of Olga Buzova with telestroke caused a strong public resonance. Fans of the brunette can’t believe she suddenly decided to say goodbye to the reality show that made her a favorite of millions. At the same time, other fans of Olga, on the contrary, began to doubt the information that appeared on the Internet. They suggest that this is another fake, because earlier in the Network repeatedly discussed the rumors about the resignation Buzova. “StarHit” contacted public relations Director of the celebrity with a request to clarify the situation.

“It’s all true, her words were misinterpreted. It officially remains the leading “House-2”, – said the representative of the stars Anton Bogoslavskaya.

Add that Olga Buzova not going to stop their activities as a singer. Despite the tight schedule and the constant shooting, the star manages to find time for the development of the music industry. Recently Olga has intrigued fans with information about their collaboration with the Left of group “Bi-2”. In addition, the artist announced that in 2018 it’s going to go on a big concert tour.

Fans of Olga also looking forward to the moment when she will perform with shows in Moscow and St. Petersburg, which will happen in early November. “For me it will be the most important event of the year” – these words Buzova announced the upcoming events.

By the way, in a candid interview with Natalia Varvina especially for the “StarHit” the celebrity answered the question about what would happen if it were put before a choice – leading telestroke or singer. “I will sing “the House-2″. It’s the same thing that family and professional realization. Can’t stop on one thing,” said star. Olga Buzova: “when you come to an empty apartment, I think: “Lord, so will your whole life?”