Mother of Vladislav Galkin has died after a long illness

Мама Владислава Галкина скончалась после тяжелой болезни The woman was suffering from cancer. Elena Demidova are unable to come to terms with the death of Vladislav Galkin, and after his death fought with the disease. A month ago she celebrated 70-year anniversary. She is survived by her daughter Maria who lived with her in the Pskov region.
Мама Владислава Галкина скончалась после тяжелой болезни

“StarHit” became known that on 23 may, the mother of a famous actor Vladislav Galkin Elena Demidova died. As it turned out, the 70-year-old woman died early on Tuesday morning. This was confirmed by friends of Helena Petrovna on the social network. “Today at four in the morning died Elena Petrovna Demidova, a dear friend of mine, an amazing woman, mother Vlad Galkin.” – I wrote to a friend in the Network.

As it turned out, after the death of Vladislav Galkin woman became seriously ill. She could not survive the loss of a beloved son. However, Elena Petrovna did not spread about the diagnosis, and hoped for recovery. The girlfriend is now Demidova said that she was faced with cancer and are unable to fight the disease.

“Just celebrated the anniversary of 70 years. Cancer of the fourth stage, became ill after my son’s death,” admitted a friend.
Мама Владислава Галкина скончалась после тяжелой болезни

The ex-husband of Elena Demidova, Boris Galkin has refused to comment about the death of a once loved one. It turned out that he cares about the funeral. “He’s busy right now, it is the whole organization”, said the wife men Inna razumihina.

Family and friends Demidova expressed sympathy for the relatives of the artist. They can’t believe what happened. “In loving memory”, “My most sincere condolences!”, “In memory of a bright woman, mother, person! The Kingdom Of Heaven!” – wrote followers.

As it turned out, the last time Elena Petrovna lived in the house, which is located in the Pskov region. However, the woman wanted to be buried next to her son at the cemetery Troekurov.

“Dear fans of Vladislav Galkin and just helpful people! In order to fulfill the last wish of Helena Petrovna – to bury her next to Vlad, it is necessary to dismantle the monument, and in addition to the normal cost of the funeral at the cemetery Troekurov, one of the most expensive in Moscow, you need to move her from Pskov to Moscow. All this according to estimates by Boris Sergeevich, which is engaged in this mournful, you need 500 thousand rubles,” – wrote a friend of Demidova in the social network.
Мама Владислава Галкина скончалась после тяжелой болезни

Elena Petrovna left a daughter Maria. She is now a little more than 40 years. She has long lived in the village Kondovo Pskov region, and after his parents ‘ divorce moved in with my mom in a Moscow apartment. Boris Galkin has left housing the native people. According to friends Demidova, the former spouse did not help the family financially, and an elderly woman with heir never worked and existed only on a pension. How to live mom Vlad Galkin, Valentina and Alexander, Tolkunova dedushka

“Everything you need, we have a daughter there. Wanting not to hurt as much as before. I have a doctor friend that all I bring. Living on a pension. It would be ridiculous to enough, but we manage,” said four years ago E. p. “StarHit”.