Мария Кожевникова помолодела на 7 лет
The actress showed another photo without makeup.

Maria with friends Ales and Nelly

Photo: Instagram

Confidence Maria Kozhevnikova can only envy. Actress without unnecessary complexes publishes their photos without make-up in a personal blog and not in the least offended by subscribers who claim in the comments that she wished she didn’t.

So, the other day Maria was photographed in the company of friends who came to visit her to talk and at the same time to meet the youngest son of the actress, who was born just a month ago. Happy Kozhevnikova posted sharing a photo of her friends in Instagram. Of course, the Network at Mary immediately came the people who said “she so bad” and “I wish you’d apply makeup” (it’s quite polite comments!).

“As many rightly pointed out, I’m not shy, not afraid and, moreover, is considered the norm to go out and be photographed without makeup, and decided to explain his position Maria. — Yes, look different, but I don’t feel less confident. On the contrary, 7 years vanished! In General, I very much like the natural and no less, than with combat raskrasok! So I advise everyone: don’t be afraid of yourself and be as you are! By the way, smile all at one place.”

Meanwhile, few can boast of such iron strength of will, as Kozhevnikova. Each of her pregnancy gave her 20 pounds overweight! “I ate not too much, and drink water in the normal range. And the weight began to grow exponentially from 7 months… even Checked for diabetes, but, thank God, was not confirmed, the doctors came to the conclusion that hormonal changes in the body!” — said Maria.