The groom Serena Williams shocked by her “pregnant quirks”

Жених Серены Уильямс шокирован ее «беременными причудами»
Favorite tennis player sends at night to the store.

Serena Williams


Alexis Ohanian, the father not yet born
child Serena Williams, admitted his pregnant girlfriend doesn’t act
as he had expected.

Ohanian, about the engagement of Serena which is reported in
last December, tweeted a funny video. Thanks
him fans of the famous tennis player learned which food experiences
an irresistible attraction pregnant Serena.
Ohanian told that his beloved, which, as it happens with the ladies ”
“often sends
him at night in the supermarket for food. “Actually, I was ready for it. But I did
was not expecting what will be all the time want Serena. You won’t believe it’s asparagus, zucchini and those like them …artichokes!” — Ohanian announced and demonstrated a whole cart of vegetables purchased for Williams.

The funny thing about this story is that Serena, while
she wasn’t pregnant, preferred
most other products. As a recognized tennis player, who announced that is expecting a baby
in April of this year, she just loved the fries and burgers. And
after all, most women everything is just the opposite — rarely
pregnant, which you wouldn’t like constantly something not too useful
sweets or, on the contrary, salty. Incidentally, even such a staunch vegan,
like Natalie Portman when she became pregnant, he compromised his principles. As
Natalie admitted, she literally eat a lot of cookies and muffins. Besides, her
uncontrollably like eggs and dairy products, which she in normal times not

I was told there would be late-night cravings. ??? ???

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