Maria Kozhevnikova has dispelled rumors of a “plastic” face

Мария Кожевникова развеяла слухи о «пластике» лица
The actress has proven that has natural beauty.

Maria Kozhevnikova

Photo: @mkozhevnikova Instagram Maria Kozhevnikova

Maria Kozhevnikova has denied rumors that some time ago visited the office of a plastic surgeon. The actress proved that not adjust your appearance with the help of silicone or fillers. The reason for this gossip was the recent photos of Maria, where she, in the opinion of those “unnatural” pronounced cheekbones.

Maria showed strong evidence of his “innocence” in her microblog today there are archival photos, which should put an end to the discussion of this topic. “Yes, pay attention to the cheekbones! And that bothered to answer this question. Here I am 5 years!” — commented a photo of Maria.

Recently Kozhevnikova started the marathon of weight loss. Maria set a goal for just one month to lose 10 pounds. “I usually suggest to lose weight more than five pounds a month to the skin is not limp, and that the body did not feel a lot of stress, but I have demands on themselves to be tougher, — said Maria. —As a month and three days from my birthday, and my goal is to get into their dresses, which I wore before pregnancy, I need to lose about 10 pounds! Yes, you heard right: in a month — ten! Now my weight with the growth of 169 — 65 kg, my maximum weight before delivery — 55 kg. How do you think, will?!”

In a recent interview, Maria told that during the third pregnancy gained 40 pounds. And most of the extra weight she had added over the last two months of “waiting”. This, according to the artist, was associated with hormonal changes in the body.