Yana Rudkovskaya has a tantrum

У Яны Рудковской случился приступ гнева
The producer told me how earned his millions.

Yana Rudkovskaya

Photo: @rudkovskayaofficial (Instagram Yana Rudkovskaya)

Yana Rudkovskaya has justified before fans for a luxurious lifestyle. Network users regularly Express producer claims, they say, her life is nothing but fashion shows, flights on private jets and the famous Breakfast with caviar and silver utensils. Today Ian finally replied to everyone who thinks she’s wasted “burns” his life. Rudkovskaya has said that she is “boiling” over the years, that she hears the criticism.

For a start Ian said: beautiful pictures in the microblog is only one side of her life. In reality, she was sleeping six hours a day, working seven days a week (the closest is only January 6) and doing a huge amount of work. Only last year, with its participation were created more than 300 shows and concerts.

“In shows and concerts where I’m the producer, has a team from 50 to 200 people. To produce a great show or concert you need to for months long to work that You get a lot of pleasure and impressions. I and my team from today until 6 January, there is no weekend, because I’m making a show is very serious level! — admitted Jan. — Instagram is just pictures, but in everyday life, as each of You, for all this enormous work: the sleepless nights, risks, nerves, health, the machinations of unscrupulous competitors. Everyone knows that I sleep for 6 hours and what I am a perfectionist. I produce and participate in the creation of more than 300 shows a year in the world: concerts, ice shows, prize! It is naive to think that the artists I work with and headed for many years the Russian top charts do not have my support!”

Rudkovskaya responsibly says: in her family no parasites and lazy. Her family work hard and know the value of money. She teaches and little son Sasha, who daily works, preparing to become a future Olympic champion. And all his critics Rudkovskaya asked to “pass and stay”: “All the rest behind the scenes, as my friend Philip about the detractors: “We are not interested in what You think about us, because we’re all about You don’t think so.”