Maria Kozhevnikov showed a younger son

Мария Кожевникова показала младшего сына In the summer of 2017, the actress became a mother for the third time. Maria Kozhevnikova carefully concealed the last pregnancy. Only after the appearance of the baby born she began to lay out the frames with the belly, and is now pleased with the photo of the little heir.

Actress and former State Duma Deputy Maria Kozhevnikova almost five years ago linked their lives with the businessman, IT specialist Yevgeny Vasilyev, in August 2013 the lovers were married St. Nicholas Cathedral in the French resort city of nice. According to Maria, the husband warned his wife known that publicity, photo shoots and social events, not for him. Kozhevnikov supported and loved for a long time never told and certainly not shown her husband. Then they had children the same year in January, senior Ivan will be four, and the average Maxim – three.

Maria admitted in an interview that she plans to give birth to five children, and even to adopt a child. But the news about her third pregnancy she carefully concealed. Rumors that Kozhevnikova again expecting a baby appeared just two months before Mary became the mother of many children.

Kozhevnikova did not disclose any details about the birth of a third son. Maria just shared that the birth was difficult, but also said that problems arose, with whom she was successfully managed.

Maria Kozhevnikova has revealed details of a difficult birth

“Hide and don’t flaunt it are two different things. For me it is important, it is possible to take note of, in the last months of pregnancy to be focused solely on the child without other people, noise, gossip, and… talking to the baby, telling that he will soon need to go, who and what awaits him!”, – wrote Kozhevnikova.

Fans, fans, hundreds of subscribers Mary not far behind from the actress with questions and interested in how to look younger the child star. Kozhevnikova leaves the audience only with the older children and the baby hiding from the public. The actress has done for the New year gift to followers and showed a photo of the third son, which, however, did not see his face.

“We proceed from the strong fraternal love to the infinite mother. Still worry why my feed is no third son in order of exception, in connection with the festival, our first photo!” – I wrote to Maria.